Residential Services

“KCARC For Life” suggest that the main goal at KCARC is to serve each individual aiding them in reaching their fullest potential and reaching the truest sense of the word; living. KCARC works towards each individual living as independently as possible in the comfort and security of their own home. The staff at KCARC go into each home and ensure that the needs of the individuals are always met. KCARC staff are not only trained by a team dedicated to the well-being of the individual, they also are specifically trained on meeting the needs of the individuals. No need too big or too small, KCARC is up to the task.


Supported Group Living

KCARC Supported Group Living services take place in homes built by KCARC that were designed to meet all ADA accessibility requirements. With the capacity to house up to 4-8 individuals, Each house is staffed by KCARC’s dedicated Direct Support Professionals to ensure each individual receives the attention, care, and supervision needed. Individual’s living in KCARC Supported Group Living sites also have access to all KCARC provided services outside the home including day programming, employment options, as well as community outings.

Community Based Medicaid waivers (CIH WAiver)

Receiving services in a community setting offers a much more personal touch and more of an independent lifestyle. Whether it is in your own home, a rental house, or an apartment, KCARC can help provide access to the meaningful and necessary services and supports that can be needed. Health, work, leisure, and choice are all important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and KCARC is here to help you succeed in your goals.

Periodic Care (Family Supports Waiver)

Providing periodic services for individuals is another way that KCARC is here to help. Not everyone needs assistance all the time and having someone to count on for those “as needed” type of situations can be crucial. KCARC specializes in designing services meant to fit each individual’s specific lifestyle needs. Let a KCARC team member assist in finding the services that are right for your family.