Lack of Affordable and ADA Accessible Homes

Lack of Affordable and ADA Accessible Homes


In the state of Indiana there are many areas of concern regarding economics and day to day struggles for the residents of this state. An overly concerning topic is the lack of affordable and ADA accessible homes. In 2016, Indiana residents paid nearly 18% of their income towards rent, which does not include utilities. An even more shocking fact is that only 6.96% of those rental homes/apartments in Indiana are vacant leaving little to no variety for those searching for a place to call home. This is even more restricting to those who are in need of an ADA accessible home because there is even less of that 6.96% that are equipped for that need. The epidemic and lack of affordable and ADA accessible homes has not been addressed in any form of political platform. This lack of concentration and importance of providing to those who need these accommodations is feeding the shortage.

Even those tenants that have become flexible in location have faced the issues of finding accessible spaces for themselves and/or their families. According to the Census Bureau, nearly 1 in 5 Americans have a disability in the United States. Roughly 30.6 million people have difficulty walking or climbing stairs, or use a wheelchair, cane, crutches, or walker. Yet we know these altering statistics and it has not convinced our state to develop a plan to better the lives of those who face these impairments.

 Next time you are out and about, look around and see how many rentable homes have a step free entrance, single floor layout, and wide doors and hallways. This is what it takes to help accommodate those 30.6 million people who have difficulty walking or climbing. More than likely, you too will have a hard time scoping out a place that has these features because of the lacking availability.

As well as not having accessible homes, the cost of housing is continually raising without sight of it stopping anytime soon. On average, in the state of Indiana median gross rent is $768 per month. With Knox County having a 14.1% poverty rate, there should be alternatives to the high rental rates that give those individuals who are trying to get their head above water a chance at good living conditions.

While there is no direct plan of action there is a simple concept that we could all think about putting into action in our own lives. Be diligent to do all that you can as an individual to promote and advocate for those who need these accommodations in their daily lives. That could look like many things such as donating your time to a committee, or electing officials that will take this problem into their own hands.


KCARC has identified that there is a need because of the housing shortage. So, Mike Carney and the Board of Directors did what they do best, and they acted in a proactive manor on behalf of KCARC. In 2018, there were 3 brand new ADA accessible homes that were built for those described above. There are 12 individuals that occupy the 3 homes and each resident is over the moon happy with the living spaces. The homes feature an open concept with all brand-new appliances and top of the line accessories. They are nothing short of complete luxury. Each home has its own decorations and furniture to the liking of the tenants. Because of the support of our community and determination of our board, here at KCARC, we are able to give back to our very own Knox County residents in ways that will forever bless them. We hope that there are many more homes like these to come.