August Employee Spotlight

Todd Siverly, he’s more than just an employee here at KCARC, he’s a hero and a true friend. Todd came to KCARC through Dove Employment Services in which he found his niche in the Plant I Wood Shop. He has enjoyed working for KCARC and loves the sense of accomplishment he feels each day.

It was an ordinary day for Siverly, as he and some co-workers were enjoying their lunch in the break room. One of his friends and co-workers, Steve, was enjoying some of the beef that he had butchered from a cow. When out of nowhere Siverly could feel panic in the air. He looked up and Steve’s face was panicked and looked as if he was choking. Immediately he knew there was something wrong, he quickly walked around the table, spun the guy around and gave him the Heimlich. He knew there was no time to spare and acted quickly.  Because of his previous work in the food industry he had had to perform the Heimlich a few times before, he knows that made the situation easier to identify and aided in his quick response.

Siverly says “Steve is a great guy and friend; he was persistent to give me some type of reward but that is not why I did it. I just saw there was a need for help and did all that I could to help him.” We are proud that Todd is one of KCARC’s own. Thanks for being a hero in the time of need.