Behavioral Support Services:

The goal of Behavioral Support Services is to provide individuals with disabilities training, supervision, or assistance in appropriate expression of emotions and desires, ensure compliance, enhance appropriate assertive behaviors, assist in acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors, and help reduce inappropriate behaviors.


KCARC provides Behavior Support Services to individuals in the Supported Living, Medicaid Waiver, and Family Support Services programs in their home, work, school, and community. Our team of caring professionals is committed to offering individualized services that meet the specific needs of each consumer while striving to enhance the quality of life for individuals with various disabilities. All services are positive in nature, person-centered, culturally responsive, sensory-integrated, and based on clinical “best practices.” Each individual is presented with choice and respect, further empowering them.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally about the needs of your family and the services available to you. We look forward to serving you with quality and excellence.