POSITION: ASSISTANT SECRETARY/SANITATION TECHNICIAN                                                 NUMBER OF HOURS PER WEEK: 40 HOURS PER WEEK, MONDAY-FRIDAY,  7AM-3:30PM                                             BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF JOB DUTIES: Assist in the day to day operations of Cut & Sew Manufacturing. Process timecards and payroll on a daily basis.  Prepare appropriate paperwork for various manufacturing processes.  Provide receptionist duties, maintaining all required files, forms and logs.  Assist with basic janitorial services.  

                      SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma or equivalent is required.  Previous experience with computers required.  Proficiency in Windows and Microsoft Office products preferred.  Must have the ability to work independently or in a team setting, excellent communication skills and ability to multitask effectively in a fast paced environment.