Adult Day Services

Leisure.  Health.  Choice.  These are the three driving principles behind KCARC’s Adult Day Services Program.  If you are the parent or guardian of an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability, know that KCARC’s Adult Day Services Program offers opportunities for program participants to experience leisure, health and choice through a multitude of activities. KCARC staff assist each program participant in customizing their day by choosing those activities they find fulfilling and meaningful.


ComMunity INtegration

Part of KCARC’s commitment to offering leisure, health and choice to individuals, is offer one on one and small group assistance while attending events in the community. A trained staff will accompany a single individual or a small group on an outing of their choice and work on skills to increase their independence in the communities that they work, live and play. KCARC Day Services staff help to design days that are customized to each individual’s choice and specific goals. Some of these activities include sporting events, playing Bingo, going to the casino, volunteering with groups like Helping His Hands and going to the park. However, KCARC staff are trained to continually present learning opportunities to individuals on any outing. Let your imagination be your guide.

PLant 1

Currently a sheltered workshop setting that allows individuals with disabilities to work on skills that are transferable to community employment. Many of our individuals work on soft skills such as punctuality, attitude, fine and gross motor skills, social interaction and general workplace interactions. Individuals have the ability to earn a wage if they meet the WIOA requirements to do so. Many individuals go on to pursue community employment with the help of Dove Employment Services, another branch of KCARC.


KCARC offers programming that is very customizable to what an individual needs or wants to do. At 1972, individuals choose from a list of activities. Individuals can choose to attend as many or as few as they want. Service hours for this location are 11:30-5 and individuals can choose to stay the whole time or just come attend specific classes. Activity menus are updated quarterly and will be posted on the website. Some activities that individuals can choose from are rock wall climbing, grooming classes, Harry Potter book club, computer safety classes, and the list goes on and on!