Employment Services

Dove Employment Services (DES) is both a training and placement agency geared to help people with varying degrees of disability find the RIGHT job in their community.

DES provides services in cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) by identifying jobs that focus on the person’s abilities.  Then we develop a person-centered plan to achieve a results-oriented employment outcome.

How Does It Work?

We look within our own company (Dove Manufacturing, the Baker Center and KCARC) and also coordinate with regional employers to provide on-site work trials if needed to match your abilities to their job requirements.

Once we have determined your strengths and employable skills, we help you market those job skills to area employers.

We Help You

  • Register at Work One
  • Develop a professional resume
  • Practice interview questions
  • Locate job openings

If you need special accommodations (certain work times, special accessibility, time off for medical reason, etc.) we can also advocate for you at your job site.

At Dove Employment Services, we understand that the biggest part of disability is your ABILITY and that’s where we focus our attention.  We connect you with the information and opportunities you need to fulfill your goals and dreams.

DES is the only accredited employment service provider in Knox County that can provide the Tier I permanent Follow-Along services needed for individuals through the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities.

Call us to see what we can do for your career.  Contact KCARC at (812) 895-0059 or DES@knoxcountyarc.com