Adult Day Services


     Leisure.  Health.  Choice.  These are the three driving principles behind KCARC’s Adult Day Services Program.  If you are the parent or guardian of an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability, know that KCARC’s Adult Day Services Program offers opportunities for program participants to experience leisure, health, and choice through a multitude of activities. KCARC staff assist each program participant in customizing their day by choosing those activities they find fulfilling and meaningful.   

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     During the past two years, KCARC’s Adult Day Services Program has broken away from the typical.  We now offer program participants opportunities to engage their creative side, partake in relaxation activities, engage in physical activities, foster social connections, and increase community involvement.  The Baker Center which houses the Adult Day Services Program has undergone significant changes as well.  We now have a sensory room, an art studio, a spa and a movie room.  What was once the very large and nice boardroom is now filled with comfortable recliners for participants to sneak in a quick nap or spend a few quiet moments resting.  

    Adult Day Services Images (5) Adults participating in the Adult Day Services Program spend their day engaged in activities they choose. Some can be found enjoying a sensory experience in the dedicated sensory room.  Others may choose to spend their time partaking in fitness activities.  Almost all program participants make a stop at the onsite spa to get their hair styled, their nails manicured, or their feet soaked and pampered.  A short rest, gently swaying in one of the many available swings or snuggling in one of the many comfortable recliners is a treat enjoyed by many program participants.  For those participants who prefer to be on the go, all day trips exploring local museums, visiting manufacturing plants such as Toyota, and visiting a nearby casino provide community outings that are interesting and fun.  One of the most popular community outings offered is the Paint and Pizza Party.  Guided by a local artist, program participants spend two hours painting their masterpiece at a local pizza parlor.  After painting, each participant is able to make and eat their own pizza. Program participants who want to end their week on a great note may participate in our Friday morning yard sale shopping excursion.  

     KCARC’s Adult Day Services Program staff will continue to explore new and exciting opportunities for individuals participating in the program.  Openings currently exist in the Adult Day Services Program. Interested parties should call 812-886-0794 for information.