Updated Prospectus

An updated prospectus1 is now available for one or more of your Plan’s current investments. Please check the prospectus for any changes to the investment expenses.

CREF Bond Market Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Equity Index Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Global Equities Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Growth Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Inflation Linked Bond Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Money Market Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Social Choice Variable Annuity Accounts

CREF Stock Variable Annuity Accounts


Want to review your Plan?

We encourage you to take this opportunity to review your Plan’s investment lineup and ensure it continues to meet your needs. To review the investments currently offered under your Plan, please visit the TIAA-CREF Plan Sponsors home page, and select Plan Profiles, then Plan Investment Menu.


Have questions or need more information?

If you have questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or our Administrator Telephone Center directly at 888 842-7782. Representatives are available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET).

1This notice complies with the DOL 408(b)(2) regulations