Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) allows staff and dependents the opportunity to address personal or work-related problems that might adversely affect job performance or quality of personal life.   Areas that may be addressed through counseling under EAP are stress management, marital conflict, family and individual issues, alcohol and drug abuse, child/adolescent issues, work related issues, and emotional problems, to name a few.  Following initial assessment, additional short-term counseling may be addressed in five sessions per year.  Costs of counseling under the EAP are covered by KCARC; staff health care coverage may be utilized to assist in the costs of any counseling due to referral.

All staff and their dependents eligible for participation in KCARC’s medical insurance coverage are eligible to use the EAP.  Staff and dependents do not have to be covered under the medical insurance to use the EAP; however, eligibility for coverage is a requirement.

Most referrals to the EAP will be through self-referral.  However, supervisors are encouraged to suggest the EAP for help to employees who are experiencing problems at home or in the workplace.  There may be times that due to the seriousness of the problem in the workplace, management or Human Resources may require a staff to participate in the EAP.  Attendance will not prevent disciplinary action up to and including termination from occurring if work performance continues to be a factor.

CARE, 406 N. 1st Street, Suite E, Vincennes, Indiana, provides counseling sessions.  For additional information, contact CARE or the Human Resources Department, or to make an appointment contact CARE at 812-885-2719.  Appointments and sessions are confidential.