Plant II


2525 North 6th Street, Vincennes, IN. 47591


(812) 886-5338

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  • Dove Manufacturing Plant II is a modern 27,000 sq ft sewing facility.  This facility has a demonstrated record of taking raw materials and creating a finished product.  Items produced here have included hunting apparel, prison jump suits, cooking aprons, oven mitts, warm-up jackets, military uniforms and pouches, and Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency shielding covers.  Over the past 15 plus years, approximately 4 million cold weather polypropylene undershirts have been sewn and delivered to the DSCP for distribution to our troops in the United States and to locations wherever U.S. military troops have served and are serving through the world.
  • Dove manufacturing has employed up to 92 full-time employees in this highly integrated work center.  We are prepared to expand our work force to meet any and all needs